Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Shoe Study = Shoe Revelations

Last week on the radio, I heard about a study that said men don’t notice when women wear heels. I went online in search of this study and didn’t find anything that was recent, but did see a Huffington Post study from 2010 that came to the very same conclusion. The idea that men don’t notice women in heels (versus flats) had me outraged – I mean, OF COURSE THEY DO! But I am a woman after all, and the whole “He’s Just Not That Into You” premise is about how women can sometimes believe what they want to believe about men, and make up excuses too. 

After coming to that rational realization I started thinking… does it even matter? Do I care if a man notices my heels or at the fact that I'm not in flats? Let’s be honest, it would be nice, but overall my answer is no. My shoes are for me. Maybe I care a little bit about my female friends. Even a bit for strangers/general public (compliments from strangers actually happen a fair amount, especially when I’m rocking a bold colour). Men kind of fall at the bottom of my list (not that it's a long list) of who I have in mind when I wear a pair of hot new heels. 

So then I further broke down my love of shoes and why they are so important to me: picture wearing a favourite pair of skinny jeans, a basic loose white t-shirt, and a wicked pair of bright or strappy heels. BAM! Your casual outfit is now on a whole other level! A good pair of heels are the ultimate accessory. And I can feel unstoppable in them. What else matters?

Disclaimer: With all this talk about heels I feel like I should mention that I totally do wear flats and love them, but sometimes nothing is better then great pair of heels :)

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