Monday, September 17, 2012

Style Icon: Mila Kunis

From the 15 year old Mila Kunis we started watching on That 70's Show, to the movie star of today, we have pretty much seen Mila grow up before our eyes.

On the silver screen she has proven she can do it all, from funny roles like "Friends With Benefits" and "Forgetting Sarah Marshall", to the more serious and dramatic role she played in "Black Swan" (she blew me away with that one).  I think her style works in the same way. She can wear something chic and classic, but it still has an element of fun!

Mila Kunis Style


  1. I adore Mila's style - and she always has such gorgeous hair and makeup. Great roundup of her outfits. Completely adoring your blog <3


    1. She's pretty cool isn't she?!

      Thanks Tasia!