Thursday, September 27, 2012

If you were stuck on a desert island...

... and you could only bring one make-up essential, what would it be? My answer is and always has been: mascara. 

I have straight blonde eyelashes and I never quite feel like myself without even one quick brush of mascara. Once I apply mascara, can't seem to stop my lashes from going straight within an hour or so. After some trouble shooting, my trick to mascara perfection is to curl my eyelashes, put on a coat of mascara, do something else for a minute or two, then put on a second coat of mascara. More often then not, they still lose their curl, but at least not as quickly. SO, I decided if I could just find the perfect mascara, all my worries would be over. 

Benefit Cosmetics, beauty, products, reviewEnter: Benefit Cosmetics. They have a mascara called "They're Real" and yes, it's because they give you fabulous looking lashes! But my journey didn't end there. They also have a mascara called "Bad Gal" and yes, it's because it takes your lashes to the next level. I was happy using one or the other until my local cosmetician told me to layer them - do my usual layer routine staring with "They're Real" and ending with "Bad Girl". BINGO! I found my perfect formula. 

The inspiration for this post came from the results of the Women's Health 2012 Beauty Awards. For the category of "Best Mascara" the winners were Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume (from the readers) and Lancome Hypnose Doll Lashes (from the experts). I've tried the cover girl one and although good for the $8 price tag, didn't work out for me. I've not tried the Lancome one, but will keep in in mind if I decided to switch things up!

What's your make-up essential?

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