Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I did something really fun Monday night... I went to Madonna!

My company bought a box for the event, and not only that, but we could bring a guest! I thought that was incredibly cool and kudos to my work for doing that. So I got tickets for me and a friend and we headed out to Madonna.  

Madonna, concert, showThe opening act was Paul Oakenfold who is a great DJ and totally up my alley! I thought he really got the crowd going and set the tone for a party atmosphere. Next up, Madonna. She's a legend. You can't help but love her, and sing, and dance to her. I didn't really know her new stuff but it was easy enough to catch on. She also played enough old songs to get everyone excited. The show was pretty great. So much going on. Dancing, lights, props, you name it. It was a great concert! There were definitely some undertones of Britney and Lady Gaga in her concert which I thought was funny. Who's copying who? :)

Madonna, concert, show
The Stage
The only not so great thing was that the time on the tickets said 8pm. The opening act started at 9:30. She started at 10:30. That's a big long lull! Word quickly spread that this is what she's been doing on this tour. Keeping in mind this was a Monday night, there were quite a few displeased people as you can imagine. When she did finally come out everyone seemed to be forgiving enough and rocked out to her show.

Overall, I am glad I went, mainly for the fact that she really is a legend, and I don't know if there will be another chance to see her again. 

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