Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Style Icon: Victoria Beckham

I know I'm Captain Obvious with this selection, but come on, Victoria Beckham IS style! Plus, it's New York Fashion week, so what better time to honour this fashionista/designer?

Starting out her celebrity status as Posh Spice of the Spice Girls, she definitely demonstrated a simplistic chic style right off the bat. You would usually see her in black mini dresses and simple black strappy stilettos. Fast forward to today, she's built and empire. She is brand. 

From her jeans, to perfume(s), to her own fashion label, this girl seems to be able to do anything in this industry and it will turn to gold. I love her style because she is always so pulled together and polished. She takes that "you can never be overdressed" saying to heart - and I love it! Whether in a dress or jeans, her sky high heels are a constant. 

The only accessory I think she's missing sometimes is a smile. It's hilarious and she does make fun of it herself, but you don't tend to see her with a big grin. Not sure if anyone watched that short reality show from when the Beckham's moved to America, but she smiles all the time. She's definitely a funny and happy girl, her lack of smile is simply a part of the persona she built and she's sticking to it. 

As a final note, in the off chance you're not familiar her fashion line, all her outfits below are from her own label. Genius and gorgeous. Maybe I should put "own a Victoria Beckham dress" on my bucket list... 

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Victoria's polished style
Warning: there will likely be future posts having to do with Victoria Beckham. I can't get enough!

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