Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Must Have: Black Flats

I think if you could only have one pair of shoes, it should be a black shoe. Now since you can only have one pair of shoes and they happen to be black, it's probably a good idea to make that shoe a flat, for practical reasons of course.

I think a black flat is the favourite-basic-white-t-shirt of the shoe world, wouldn't you agree? They go with just about anything, can be dressed up or down, and are comfortable. Well my roommate and I were chatting about shoes awhile back, and specifically about black flats. I was saying how I had this most favourite pair that I wore everywhere, and since I got rid of them (years and years ago), I've never replaced them. I should say that as I write this I acknowledge that we might have a shoe problem for having this discussion, but it's talks like these that help guide and motivate us prior to our shoe parties! That being said, in the last two months we have both found our black flat staple shoe! I opted for a plain black suede pair (that are as close to the smoking slipper style as I'm willing to go), and she opted for a black suede tasseled loafer style. We each got a more fun pair of statement shoes too - she got some rock 'n roll studded peep toes in classic black leather, and I got a pair of cobalt blue suede wedges. 

Until October...

 As always, roommates shoes on the left, mine on the right. 
Far left studded peep-toe, Sam Edelman; all others Aldo.

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