Friday, September 14, 2012

iPhone Madness

Your phone, my phone, we (almost) all have an iPhone! Okay, this might not be exactly true but man oh man, there are A LOT of iPhones out there.

This post is somewhat in honour of the iPhone 5 announcements and hoopla this week. It's also a little bit because in this past year that I've had my iPhone I've been watching the majority of my friends and family, slowly but surely, switch over to an iPhone. It's incredible! This made me curious: with all the smart phones offered today, how many iPhones are there? Or, with all the different versions out there, how many iPhones have been sold, ever. I found my answer in an article from February of this year, and the answer from that not-so-recent article is 180 million. Whoa, right?! Let's also point out that we are talking 180 million in 5 years... double WHOA!

Just recently, I saw another article that was talking about the iPhone 5 launch date approaching, and they were breaking down just how valuable the iPhone was too Apple's success. Did you know that the iPhone division of Apple is worth more than all of Microsoft? The iPhone generated more sales than ALL of Microsoft over the last year. I don't even know what to say but wow. 

via CNNMoney
With the launch of the iPhone 5, Apple has lowered the price on its previous 4 and 4S versions, as well as removing the 3S from it's lineup entirely. If you want an iPhone, the time is now. 

Do you have an iPhone? Are you like me where you have no idea how you survived without one? :)

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