Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March = St. Patrick's Day!

So, St. Patrick's Day has come! And gone.  

St. Patrick's Day is probably my favourite holiday of them all! Christmas is pretty darn fantastic, but that feels more like a season full of good spirit than a holiday. I like to do things up (pretty big) on St. Patrick's Day. I'd like to think this year is no exception! Previous years I had stayed in the city... because who travels for St. Patrick's Day? Me now! Here is my quick summary of where I've gone and where I'm going...

Last year: BOSTON. MIND-BLOWING. If you want to know what St. Patrick's Day is all about and how to celebrate it, this is your place! It was on a weekday too and the atmosphere was pretty off the charts.  

This year: MONTREAL. It was good. Really good. Sadly, having been to Boston for this occasion the previous year, it didn't quite provide the same experience. There is certainly nothing wrong with it though. Not to mention, Montreal is one of my favourite cities (not just because it's super close).

Next year: CHICAGO. Never been, but am actually going in a couple weeks. When you Google "where should I go on St.Patrick's Day", Ireland is #1... then Chicago. Appealing? Um, yes. They dye the river green and apparently just go nuts. I mean, if there really is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, it's gotta be there right?!?!


Thursday, March 15, 2012

A what party? A shoe party!

So this is something that I think is really fun and want to share. In my house, my roommate and I have utilized the space that would normally be an "eating area" off the kitchen in a different way. What we decided to do, was to turn this into a shoe room. Yes, you heard me, we have a shoe room. It's a rectangular room with a full length mirror at one end, adorned by shoe racks (one is mine and one is hers) on either side. On the other end of the room are 2 red tub chairs and a table. It opens to the kitchen on one side and to our deck on the other - so I don't have to tell you what great natural lighting we get! We love this room, as does everyone who sees it! Definitely a perk of living with another girl.

So basically, we've finished decorating and furnishing our house for the most part. One day the idea struck me, that we should work on furnishing the shoe room, and make a party of it! We do like shoes AND parties. So here's the deal: the first Thursday of every month, we each buy a pair of shoes, sit in the shoe room and do a little show-and-tell if you will. We also each buy a bottle of wine, have something special/delicious for dinner, and wear our brand new shoes around for the night. Oh and there's also balloons. Sound fun? It is!

Our first ever shoe party! We made some pretty fine choices if you ask me. Hers are the shoes on the left and mine on the right, both Aldo.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A little blog rebrand? I think so!

Long time no write! 

So this blog and I have stepped away from each other and are just now regrouping. The result? Things around here are going to change. In order to blog, and to blog well, what must you do? I as a Marketer am well equipped to answer this - you must write about what you know. Not only that, you must write about what you like! Make sense? Almost too much sense. 

So here I am. I know what I know, I like what I like, and I'm not afraid to blog about it! I actually was already doing it, I just didn't know it because I hadn't defined it. Well consider it defined. I like a mish mash of thing, but so do most people. Welcome to my journey.

I will It's time to start the journey. Hop on board.