Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wedding Wednesday!

Okay, so Wedding Wednesday isn't actually a "thing" per say but it's Wednesday and I'm gonna talk about weddings today! Celebrity weddings to be exact. I think we are officially in wedding season, not only because my Facebook feed has been taken over by photos of weddings but also because my celebrity gossip has been filled with weddings too! As I've said before I love reading about celebrity weddings. They can be the most extravagant, but also can be the most unique. Celebrity or not one of my most favourite parts is the dress (as previously mentioned with Jessica Biel and Blake Lively). Well as it turns out, another one of my style icons recently got hitched a few weeks ago - Kristin Cavallari

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 I don't know about you but I think their wedding portrait is adorable! She looks lovely (my fave thing is hair out) and they look very much in love. Also, she announced that she was married by posting the above picture of the wedding bands on her Instragram and Twitter. Gorgeous wedding band for her and I actually really love his! Different but very masculine. 

A couple of other weddings happened as well in the last couple of months, the first being Keira Knightly. Her wedding was TOTALLY the opposite of what I would expect of a celebrity. It was super low key. The ceremony happened in a church followed by a reception in her moms backyard. Her dress was Chanel, but was actually a cocktail dress that she had previously worn at another event a couple years prior! I guess that's her "something old". She paired it with a jacket and flats (yes, flats) designed for her by Karl Lagerfeld (who attended the wedding). Although very nontraditional I also love this. Definitely not for me personally, but I think it it fun and is true to her and her personality (it must be). The other wedding was Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul to his longtime love Lauren Parkesian. I honestly can't get enough of this couple. They are so cute and so in love - they speak so highly of each other, they act like best friends and look like they are madly in love. That to me is what it's all about. Their wedding was definitely more of an event - carnival themed in fact! I thought Lauren looked gorgeous. Again with the hair out! Love it. 

Keira Knightly, wedding, fashionAaron Paul, Breaking Bad, wedding fashion

Well that concludes today's Wedding Wednesday. Just wanted to share some love and pretty dresses :)

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