Monday, June 17, 2013

Gone Girl

I am so glad I got around to reading the book Gone Girl! It came highly recommended from friends, family and even responses to my "Book Worm" blog post awhile back. Now that I've read it I can definitely see why.   
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If you have not read it: I won't give anything away, but you should probably add it to your summer reading list. 

If you have read it: OMG, right?!

I love books that are a unique story and that are written in a unique format - this book is both. A super quick and light summary of Gone Girl is that it is a story about a husband and wife that have a troubled marriage. The book starts with the wife missing, and the husband as the suspect. There are so many subtle twists and turns in this book that it is both exciting and intriguing. The unique aspect of the writing is that each chapter alternates between his perspective and hers. It keeps you very excited and is neat in that it is almost like reading two stories but they are actually one. The ONLY thing I did not love was the end unfortunately. I am not a writer but I feel like I could have thought up something a little more satisfying. Before reading the book my mom had actually said she didn't think the end was as great, but she also said that it didn't ruin the story for her, and I agree. I look back on that book as a whole and know it was excellent.

Apparently the movie rights to the book have been purchased and the author is now hard at work on a screenplay. Although a riveting story, I'm not sure how it will play out on the big screen so if you haven't already, I would recommend you read this book sooner than later! Perhaps the movie (kind of like My Sister's Keeper) will have a different ending than the book...?


  1. Glad you got to reading this! Soooo good and I agree with you about the ending. But it was unexpected so I will give that to the author :-)

    1. Thanks for being one of the ones who recommended it! It really kept me going and curious.