Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hunting for Summer Dresses

With summer just around the corner (officially starting at the end of this week to be exact!), I find myself obsessing over summer dresses! I have a few, but mostly maxi dresses which I tend to use as cover-ups. I feel like I don't really have anything I'd really call "short and fun and flirty" - which is every girls' summer dress dream! While in my hunt for the perfect summer dresses, I have found myself frequenting the various online pages of the brand Splendid. I find their clothes in general to be basic, but must-have basics. Comfortable, easy design, in beautiful and fashionable cuts. Here are some of the dresses I've recently been ogling:

Spendid, summer, fashion, clothes
What do you think? I'm kind of crazy about that yellow one... don't be surprised if it makes it's way into my closet! Here's a few other non-Splendid dresses that have also caught my eye:

As you can probably tell, the thing all these dresses have is that they are simple - very throw on and go - and that they are all fun! One of the best parts of summer can be sporting colour, and one of the key essentials of summer clothing is that it is light and comfortable. I think it's safe to say all of these hit the mark.

What's your go-to summer brand/brands when it comes to dresses? Is there a summer staple you feel like you need to add to your closet line-up?

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