Friday, June 21, 2013

Fitness Friday: Gear

Is it just me or can half of the fun of a workout be the gear? Clothes, shoes, accessories - you can have fun with fashion while working out! There are times I definitely enjoy having fun with my workout gear but I also like to find the balance between fun and practical.

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My Gear
First off, don't think you have to drop a lot of cash to get great workout stuff. I've gotten some work-out clothes lately at Joe Fresh and Gap that are not wildly expensive and that allow you to get more bang for your buck. Although I don't think you need to spend a lot of money on the clothes, I do recommend making sure you have actual workout clothes. Workout specific clothes are designed for physical activities - from yoga, to running, to kickboxing, and everything in between! The materials of the fabric are designed for your body chemistry - like the general heat your body creates or your sweat. If you don't have the right clothes on, an unpleasant reaction may happen. I've always worn workout clothes so it's never happened to me, but I've heard about it and read about it and it does not sound good (rashes and such)! Also, workout clothes help support your movements in your exercise! No matter what your workout of choice is, there is an outfit designed just for you - but in the interest of saving money (should that be something you want to be mindful of) just look for basic versatile pieces that will take you though any kind of exercise. For example, a good black crop works for every workout under the sun! 

If you want to splurge on something then I tend to believe that one thing worth doing that with is something important like your shoes. Having a good pair of shoes for your workout (whatever it may be) is super important because they are built to enhance your performance as well as protecting you. When I say protecting you, I mean protecting the soles of your feet, your ankles, your knees - pretty much every part of you! You need a shoe that reduces the impact on your body if you are working hard. When I mention a shoe can enhance your performance well, that's why shoes are designed for different activities. There's no need to wonder why there is a running shoe, tennis shoe, basketball shoe, etc. Each activity has it's own movements and requirements so a shoe was made to accommodate that. And if you're not a runner or don't play a lot of specific sports, there's a trainer! I had often wondered how often one should replace their running shoe. After some research I found an article a while back that recommended replacing every 1,000km. If you're not a runner working with that value might not mean as much to you so it would more depend on your work out style, intensity, and frequency. For me, I try to replace them ABOUT every year to year and a half. Nowadays too there are so many colours and styles you can totally have fun with the shoes too. Like I said before though, make sure they're the right shoes for your activities! :)

Do you have any workout staples or a particular style? Colours or basic black?

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  1. I love buying workout clothes! They make be feel so confident throughout any workout..
    Happy Summer!
    Blush and Blossoms