Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Spend vs Save: Neon Satchel

Out shopping at Aldo recently I came across a fabulous Spend vs. Save case! In their sale bin they had these beautiful neon satchels. They reminded me a lot of the neon Cambridge Satchel's I'd previously seen in stores, but at a (really small) fraction of the price. Where the Cambridge Satchel will run you about $155 (USD), the Aldo Noronen will only set you back $29.95 (CAD)!

Aldo, Cambridge Satchel, handbags, neon, shopping

Having seen them both in person I think the Aldo one is the winner. The colours of each were very comparable. If anything I'd say the Cambridge pink is softer/lighter and the Aldo one is hotter/darker - but not by much! Also, I think I liked the fabric of the Aldo one a bit better as it was softer and Cambridge Satchel's feel a bit stiff. For me, it is because they are so comparable that I would pass up the name for the deal. 

What would you do with this one? Spend or Save?

*Note: if you are buying the Aldo one online the colours are listed as "Green" and "Orange" instead of "Yellow" and "Pink" - again, having seen them in person I can reassure you that they are indeed very yellow and very pink.


  1. Aldo is one of my favorite stores too! Love these bags mite have to get one in my life :)
    Come and say hello

  2. I think the Aldo version is way cuter with the buckles! I would definitely SAVE!