Thursday, June 27, 2013

Shoes vs. Handbags

I was browsing around Pinterest a little while back and stumbled upon this image:

I'm not gonna lie, at first I kind of scoffed at it thinking "shoes OBVIOUSLY", but then I checked out to see if there were any comments on it. Much to my (initial) amazement, there were a lot of people commenting "handbags OBVIOUSLY". I definitely like a good 'ol handbag but I have never prioritized them or worshiped them the way I do shoes. In fact, when a moved about a month ago, I made sure that I had a space ready to go for my shoe rack but actually have all my purses in packed away in a box still...

What's your poison? Shoes or handbags?


  1. You know where I stand on this... SHOES all the way! :)

    Pursuit of Shoes

  2. Ooh if I had to choose, I'd pick handbags! I can justify spending more money on a fabulous handbag. Shoes can too easily get ruined, eek!

    Brooke du jour