Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Do you voice call?

Yes, that subject line says "voice call". Much to my friends' amusement, that's what I seem to have started saying instead of "call" or "phone call" as of late. I was inspired to discuss this because of a post I saw on the Girls Facebook page with some dialogue from the show:
phone calls, phones, texting.He never, ever texts you back.

Maybe I should call him? I mean, didn't you say texting is, like, the lowest form of communication on the pillar of chat?

The totem of chat. And no, the lowest: that would be Facebook, followed by Gchat, then texting, then email, then phone. Face to face is, of course, ideal, but, it's not of this time.
Man, I love that show. I love where she says face to face is not of this time, haha! That is EXACTLY how I feel when it comes to phone calls. I don't call up friends ever (and when I do they answer their phone in a hurry and ask what's wrong!). I will send them a text (LOVE texting) and stare and wait. If it's a time sensitive matter I will sometimes even think that calling would probably be more effective and garner an immediate response, but I just can't bring myself to do it! I still have just a couple of friends who do pick up their phones and call... IF I decide to answer, it pains me, and it is not without hesitation. Another problem is my ring tone - it's the James Bond theme song. To be very honest with my phone actually ringing so infrequently I'd rather listen to my ring play through than actually answer it, haha! It's just too cool. 
So now I am curious, do you voice call? Do you mind it or do you prefer another form of communication on the totem of chat?

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  1. haha, I loved that part on Girls. So funny.

    I am so into texting. I hate talking on the phone and always believe myself to be so, so awkward on it! I have a girlfriend that still calls me but other than that... we all just text. haha. it's pretty sad.