Thursday, May 16, 2013

White Hot Heels

I don't know about you but up until maybe 5 years ago, when I thought about white pumps, I would think of something straight out of the early 80's. Were they even a thing in the 80's or am I imagining it? Maybe with some stirrup leggings? OMG, remember stirrup leggings?! Haha! With all the colours and shapes and designs of shoes nowadays I am definitely way open to more and thinking out side the "era" box. I remember at the end of the summer last year, white heels started really taking off. I remember wanting to buy a pair but it was my brief hesitation that did me in as when I was ready to pull the trigger, the pair I wanted were gonzo. Good news for fans of white heels (and good news for whomever bought those shoes I wanted), white heels are back this year and in full force! In the last few weeks, now that spring has sprung, almost every fashionable starlet has been seen wearing them. I cannot get enough...

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They are so fresh and clean looking. They go with pretty much everything. They OOOOZE summer. What's not to love? I expect I will be picking up a pair to be my very own VERY SOON.

What do you think of the trend? Do you have a pair of white heels in your shoe closet (hopefully not because you saved them from the 80's...)?

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  1. OH, stirrup leggings! haha, that was a throw back. They were great for pairing with a couple pairs of different colored socks all scrunched up! ;)

    I am LOVING the white shoes... I'm still on the hunt for MY pair. :)