Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My Next Gigi

I got a pair, my first and only pair, of Sam Edelman Gigi sandals about a year ago. Prior to that I had never really liked the whole T-strap sandal on myself. I'm not sure what it was then that made me get this pair (it may have been that I was in love with one strap of snake skin, one strap of leopard and the pink details - basically neutral with a bit of colour) but I am sure glad I did! Not only do I love this particular T-strap on me, I can't get enough of it. It doesn't hurt that they are also the most comfortable sandal I own. My only dilemma now, is with summer (almost) upon us, which one to get next... because there WILL be a next!

Sam Edelman, sandals, shoes, summer

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  1. If you didn't know, I'm OBSESSED with the gigi. I think I might have her in 5 colors. Definitely go for black or leopard because you can wear it with anything. Secret: TJ maxx always has TONS of gigis for $29!