Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What Is Sexy?

This week Victoria's Secret has released their 2013 "What Is Sexy?" list, where they match celebrities with various "sexy" categories. This year the list includes: 
Victorias Secret, What is sexy,       Sexiest Actress: Jessica Chastain
     Sexiest Style: Nina Dobrev
     Sexiest Legs: Blake Lively
     Sexiest Bikini Body: Rihanna
     Sexiest Hair: Amanda Seyfried
     Sexiest Smile: Zoë Saldana
     Sexiest Eyes: Zooey Deschanel
     Sexiest Lips: Kerry Washington
     Sexiest Curves: Shakira
     Sexiest Sense of Humor: Jennifer Lawrence
     Sexiest Mom: Giuliana Rancic
     Sexiest Songstress: Beyoncé
     Sexiest International Import: Emilia Clarke
     Sexiest Summer Glow: Hayden Panettiere
     Sexiest Sporty Style: Ashley Greene

      Sexiest TV Cast: Revenge
     Sexiest Cyber Stars: Tone It Up Girls
     Sexiest Tweeter (fans): Elizabeth Banks
     Sexiest Up & Coming Bombshell (fans): Chloë Bridges 

So, how do we feel about their picks? I feel pretty good about them but there are definitely a few I would have chosen differently. I woudn't have given Sexiest Actress to Jessica Chastain - it's not that she's not sexy, she is and she's huge right now so it makes sense, but I would have chosen someone else like Gwyneth Paltrow even! She's pretty hot right now too, and in my opinion she's just killing it! I'm on board with Sexiest Style and Sexiest Legs. Bikini body, I don't mind giving it to Rihanna - I don't think I've seen any pictures of her this year but if last year is any indication, she's very worthy. I'm ok with Hair and Smile... For eyes, yes Zooey Deschanel has big blue eyes, but is it just me or do they look a little crazy sometimes? I think would have prefered Julianne Hough. Sexiest Sense of Humor is BANG ON with Jennifer Lawrence. Man, where did she come from? She's awesome. Sexiest Mom I am not necessarily on board with but that's also due in part that I am not a fan of either of her reality shows (not that I've given them much of a chance). I would lean more towards picking someone like Jessica Alba or Kate Hudson. I'd love to look like them when I'm a mom. Heck, I'd like to look like them now! The only other one I'm a bit unsure of is Sexiest Summer Glow. I know that's just because there is something about Hayden Panettiere that bugs me so maybe that's not fair. How about Jennifer Aniston? Her skin and hair always looks sun-kissed and aside from that, she looks amazing and incredibly happy right now. She's radiating!

How do you feel about this list? 

Here's the video with the Angels saying the picks:


  1. I totally agree with your feelings on the list. Hayden really annoys me too. I think that in order to be sexy (in any category) you should look womanly. Hayden has a very boyish body and a baby face so I don't find her sexy at all. Jennifer Aniston would have been a way better pick!

    1. I agree with you that to be considered sexy or "most sexy" one should be womanly, and that Hayden doesn't exude that.

  2. Ooh love this. I didn't even know they did it! Definitely don't agree with Hayden for sure!


  3. I was surprised myself to read that Jessica Chastain was sexiest actress. I think she is more "cute" than sexy.

    1. I could see cute! I could see beautiful too, but I don't see sexy with her.

  4. I agree, Jessica Chastain can be sexy but... The sexiest?:) Although, I think it's really cool that they picked Giuliana Rancic as the sexiest mom!

  5. so true with Jennifer Lawrence- just love, love, love her! Glad they got that one right!

    1. After the year she's had it must have been an easy (and obvious) choice to pick her!