Monday, April 15, 2013

MTV Movie Awards

I normally catch some of, if not all, of the MTV awards shows. I just find them more fun, funny, and laid back. There's also usually SOMETHING that happens that people are talking about the next day. I couldn't last night though but I tried to catch the replay as I was drifting of to sleep... but there was no drift, just immediate sleep. When the live show aired I noticed the Twitterverse lighting up saying that Rebel Wilson (of Bridesmaids fame) was doing a great job as host. That's kind of what I wanted to check out - how she'd be outside of that cult hit movie. 

Anyway, on to the red carpet analysis, I didn't find much that caught my eye. You had everything from formal gowns, to basic shift dresses, to suits, to whatever the heck Ke$ha was wearing - I wasn't too impressed. I was a little confused too! Normally the fashion for this kind of thing is a little more fun. Oh well! I had two standouts - both stunning in white - and also both on the more formal end of the spectrum. Those standouts are: Jordana Brewster (flashback!) and Kylie Jenner. Both rocked their white ensembles!

MTV movie awards, jordana brewster, red carpet, fashionKylie Jenner, MTV movie awards, red carpet, fashion

Basically it looks like I picked 2 versions of the same outfit as my top two - but I didn't have a lot to work with!

One outfit did have me stumped though - Kerry Washington in Michael Kors. Do I love it? Do I hate it? Best dressed? Worst dressed? I don't know!!! I love the colour combo, no doubt about it. I love the black silhouette. I love the pop of yellow. But the train, do I love the train? Maybe it should have been wider and less like a table runner. Some online articles are calling it a mullet dress (clever) but even they are not saying yay or nay. Anyway, I'm torn (obviously). What do you think?

MTV movie awards, kerry washington, red carpet, fashion
And who did you think was best dressed?


  1. I was stumped on Kerry Washington's look too! I think it landed closer to my worst dressed than best dressed though. The orange part looks heavy, but also sort of wrinkly like tissue paper. I'm just confused haha!

  2. I didn't catch them! But I do like Jenner's look there.

    K.Washington is tricky but I think i hate it... based on the season most likely. Perhaps closer to Fallish this would work but in April I don't get the colors and the sleeves!