Friday, April 5, 2013

Not your average outfit post

This outfit post is not going to tell you how to look long and lean, or how to flatter your silhouette, nor will it tell you how to wear the latest trends. What it WILL tell you is how to be cozy and a little bit majestic at the same time!

fun, funny friday, humour, unicornLet me introduce you to my unicorn onesie. Like most girls, as a child I found myself rather infactuated (obsessed???) with rainbows, pink, and unicorns. Yes, I was the epitome of a girly girl, and still am. Fast forward to my adult life: I still do everything possible to embrace those things I onced loved so very much, but perhaps in a more mature and subtle way. This is of course until I stumbled across these beauties online. And by stumbled, I mean I typed something the likes of "unicorn adult onesie" into Google. There she was. A beautiful pink unicorn one-piece just waiting to be worn by me. It was meant to be. Of course when I saw a blue one and showed my roommate, she was all to willing to become the blue unicorn to my pink unicorn

The day they came in the mail and I pulled them out of the box, I just remember hunching over and laughing so hard. They were exactly what I envisioned, if not better! The heads too - they were a bit more sturdy and stuffed than I thought and that is what was killing me. I have nothing bad to say about them - they're awesome. Wearing it just makes me feel so happy and like a kid again! I definitely don't feel like a professional career woman, but who wouldn't like a little vacation from that by simply putting on a unicorn onesie?

fun, humour, funny friday, unicorn
P.S. These are just as comfortable as they look, if not more. 

P.P.S. The above pictures were taken by a friend of mine who JUST SO HAPPENED to come over unexpectedly the first night we wore them. And she never does that! It was one of those right-place-right-time moments for her. Imagine a unicorn answering the door? Haha! :)


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