Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Choice for the 2013 People's Choice

There were lots of great looks last night at the 2013 People's Choice awards - and lots of sexy, daring looks too! I wanted to share my top 2 - Taylor Swift in a Ralph Lauren collection gown (after yesterday's post you KNOW it's the outfit and NOT her, haha), and Lea Michele in an Elie Saab mini. Geez Louise I would wear either of these in a heart beat! You know, if I had somewhere to wear them and a larger disposable income :)

I think it's a little bit funny too that after my style resolution a few months ago to accessorize myself, both of these looks have little-to-no accessorizing. It's perfect though! Keeps the looks classic. It's also helping to inspire me for my birthday look which is later this month. Already thinking about wearing a white Alice + Olivia mini-dress, perhaps I will pair it with some pink shoes!? Kind of combining these looks and creating a real-world, more practical ensemble. 

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  1. oh Lea Michele was definitely a favorite from last night!