Friday, January 18, 2013

It's a Shoe! It's a Chair! It's a Shoe Chair!

I am not normally one to show off presents that I receive, but this one is WAY TO COOL not to share quite frankly! After Christmas dinner my family all gathers together and the presents get passed out to the appropriate people, then we all open together. Pretty standard stuff. Until this GIANT present lands at my feet - so big in fact, it's wrapped very carefully (and creatively) with a red table cloth! It's from my Gramma. First, it's huge. Second, it's kind of triangular in shape so I don't even bother with guessing! 

shoe chair, shoe, present, Christmas, home, home decorWhen I start opening it, it's wrapped in cellophane so it's still hard to see but I can make out what I think is leopard print... yup, it's leopard... it's a chair... that is shaped... like a... shoe? It's a shoe chair! How cool is this?! Apparently she found it in the summer and immediately thought of me. It's pretty perfect! And it fits in really well with the overall decor I've got going on at my house! (My house is not what's pictured - that's still at my parents.) Shortly after Christmas a few girlfriends and I got together for a snacks and games night, and as a joke and a way to show off my new present, I pulled the shoes chair up to the table while we played. No joke, that thing is incredibly comfortable! I couldn't believe it! Anyway, like I said, I couldn't help but share my latest and greatest addition to my home. 

Thanks to my Gramma, my passion for shoes has now been translated into the most unique and fun piece of furniture ever! :) 


  1. Ah! Shoe chair!?! GENIUS! Every girl's dream :)

  2. that is seriously SO fun. And I love that it came from your Grandma. So sweet!! What fun to unwrap (And I bet she had a blast wrapping it for you). Fun, fun, fun!