Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Irrational Fear

I saw this humorous little picture on Pinterest the other day and it totally rang true to me! Anyone else? Anyone? I hope so! I’ve already shared that I am a serious outfit planner, but this adds another element to it all...

Humor, humour, oufit, You know when you've just bought a new outfit or a new piece of clothing and you're so excited to wear it! But you don't wear it just yet, because the right opportunity hasn't presented itself: the opportunity where you will be with a few of your peers, or in a public place, or a special occasion of sorts? Well this happens to me more often then I'd like to admit. In addition to this picture someone on a TV show recently mentioned this fear, and I laughed at how silly the fear is BUT also how I definitely experience it. Does anyone else "save" their outfits so that they can be premiered appropriately? I can't imagine I'm alone on this one! I think part of the fear comes from how excellent it actually feels when you DO wear a fabulous outfit to the perfect occasion!

I've noticed a lot of people are making it a resolution to shop at stores less and shop their own closet more - I'm hoping to do this as well - I happen to think that will help the issue some by getting those great outfits into circulation more. Hopefully... :)

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  1. hah! that is me all the time! I have been trying to shop in my closet more and buying things that complement them, adding more shoes and accessories has helped!