Tuesday, January 22, 2013

To Embrace or Not to Embrace

The wedge sneaker.

The first time I saw this style of shoe I couldn't help but laugh. I mean, look how silly they look! A wedge sneaker? Isn't that kind of like the high-heeled sneaker that we all laughed at and then quickly disappeared? Well, the wedge sneaker has stuck around months longer than I thought and I've got to admit, I don't laugh when I see them anymore (unless they're SUPER silly looking, but if ANYTHING is super silly looking I laugh). Like any shoe or style, I know what I like, and when it comes to the wedge sneaker I don't mind the ones pictured for example. I like them because they're colourful so they're definitely playing towards the fun, sneaker side as opposed to trying disguise itself as a real shoe or a hybrid shoe. They also to me, look well made and high quality, which they are - these are Ash sneakers that go for a not-so-modest $240. Like any trend, the question is how long will it last. That always helps me personally decide whether or not to invest in it. 

Shall I embrace it or not? I think I have my personal answer to that question: I will embrace others rocking the trend, but will not rock it myself. I am NOT and NEVER have been a running shoe kind of gal. I wear running shoes at the gym. Aside from that I have one pair of Chuck Taylor's that I wear maybe two or three times a year. My ideal casual shoe is a wedge sandal/shoe/boot or an interesting flat, so investing in a pair of wedge sneakers wouldn't make sense for me - I'd likely never wear them! 

So now I ask, what do you think of the wedge sneaker trend?  

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