Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Style Resolution: Accessorize!

Every now and again, I feel the need to improve or change up my style in some way, shape or form. Once upon a time, I decided that I needed to shift my focus on shoes. Believe it. I only had a couple basics that I actually wore, and I needed to find different styles and colours, for different purposes and seasons. Well, that time has long since past but I have a new focus: accessories. 

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When I say accessories, I mean mostly jewelry. Different types - necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets - and different textures, colours, etc. As a kid I used to play with my plastic princess jewelry and mix and match the colours, and pile it on like nobody's business! I kind of want to do that, but the adult version. I think jewelry can really take an outfit to the next level and can also really showcase your personal style. I love the look of stacked bangles, that are not part of a set, but rather a collection of individual pieces. Same thing with necklaces. Different lengths, different embellishments, all layered together to make one look. 

For a few years now I've layered some of my more delicate, classic necklaces, but now I want to do it with more statement pieces. I started wearing a watch two years ago (when I got my first Michael Kors watch), but now its time to get some killer bracelets to create some real arm candy! 

Wish me luck on my accessory adventure! Do you have any style resolutions of your own?

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