Monday, October 22, 2012

Casual Sequins

sequins, outfit, style, fashionWhen I think of sequins I automatically think about an event or occasion. I love wearing sequins for New Years, my birthday, Christmas, etc. What I never thought about until recently, was making sequins a bit more casual - a bit more wearable for any day. I saw on Pinterest several such outfits that took a sequin piece and made it more casual. Or rather gave a casual outfit some elegance and sparkle!

Now a days sequin clothing comes in all shapes and forms. You can get sequin blazers, tops, shorts, skirts, dresses, pants - you name it, they make it! Similar to clothes with leather or stud embellishments, these pieces are everywhere, and made to mix and match. Previously I had posted about how shoes can take a casual or comfy outfit to the next level - why not do the same with sequins? 

sequins, outfit, style, fashionThe pictures that really caught my eye have gold sequin tops mixed with a light denim. Maybe this hit home because I have a gold sequin top collecting dust in my closet. I have (sadly) only worn it once, and that was last New Years eve. Not only can you add sparkle to an average day (who wouldn't want that?), but a sequin top can become your ultimate accessory. Oh the outfit ideas... I can't wait to break it out now!


  1. Where is this sequin top from?

    1. I'm not sure where these EXACT tops are from but Victoria's Secret used to sell one like the top one and I have one almost identical to the bottom one from Aritzia!