Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I Love Katy Perry

I really do! I recently watched her movie, Katy Perry: Part of Me, and that's where this love came from. 

I've always enjoyed her music, and I've always thought she was a super talented singer (when you are singing alone in the shower or car, those notes are harder to hit then you might think!), but I never really thought much of HER. With her recent costumes lately - the bright candy themed concoctions - I didn't know what to make of her. After watching this movie, all that changed. No, I don't like the candy costumes, but I do like her. I love her. She is the bees knees. 

Katy Perry, Part of Me, movie, musicFirstly, this movie started and ended with fans talking about Katy and how she's inspired and motivated them. It's extremely touching. She might have an element of fantasy about her but she is also very much about being who you are and doing what you believe is right for you, and following your dreams.

This movie is divided into two very interesting themes: her tour and all its moving parts, and her life (past, present, future). I thought it was super cool to get a behind the scenes of her tour. Her costumes, her prep, her team, her travel, her interaction with fans, and of course her actual performances! So much goes into this thing, it's just incredible! Then the other theme of her life. Without giving away the story, I thought her rise to fame was interesting. Her motivation and spirit is quite admirable. She worked hard to be where she is, and she's still working hard. You also get to see bits and pieces of her love life, her marriage to Russell Brand. It's no secret that they are since divorced, but the movie happened to be filming while their marriage was unraveling. It's heartbreaking. 

Aside from the romance, you also get to see her with her family, and friends. She's just a normal girl living a not-so-normal life and I think that was my favourite part - seeing her laugh and joke, having a good time, and enjoying what's she's worked so hard to achieve. I do recommend you check it out for yourself!

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