Monday, December 9, 2013

Seasonal Sparkle

I'm either giving you a great gift idea, a great gift hint to drop to someone, or a great gift-to-yourself idea! Or even just something pretty to look at. Either way check out these stunning Kate Spade Metro Grand watches I stumbled upon last week. 

Talk about perfect holiday sparkle for your wrist, but also with the option to switch out the strap! To me the whole switching out the strap concept reminds me of the kinds of versatile watches that were around when I was a kid. Switch out the strap or the coloured bezel and it's like you've got a whole new watch! I like these ones because one is party perfect where as the other one is more streamlined and classic... okay, maybe not the neon pink as much but definitely the black! 

Kate Spade, watches, Nordstrom, Metro Grand, sparkle
I'm torn on which combo I love the most: I'm very drawn to the classic gold and black, but how fun is the rainbow and pink?


  1. Love the glittery watches!

    Please visit my blog,, and tell me what you like and what I could fix.

    Thank you!

  2. I say go with the black... it's timeless. :) And with 30% off... it's a great steal!