Friday, December 13, 2013

Looks of the Week

For the first two looks this week, I have chosen rather formal looking full length dresses worn by Kate Middleton and Christina Applegate. How stunning do these ladies look??? I think they look gorgeous. Although not practical (for my life anyways) I love a good gown. Also, can we just talk about how Kate just had a baby and somehow has bounced back to have the smallest waist? Impressive.

Kate Middleton, gown, red carpetChirstina Applegate, red carpet,

Next up: Naya Rivera in a VERY practical and VERY chic outfit. I would definitely wear this to work or a nice dinner. Love it. Also, we've got Blake Lively in probably my fave outfit of them all! This is ONLY a party dress, and even at that, with it's lingerie sexy style, it would only be appropriate at certain parties. There is just something about it though that I think is so elegant as well. Probably her styling of it as it's super tasteful. 

There you have it! Who's your fave this week?

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