Thursday, March 7, 2013

Splurge vs Save: the Skeleton Watch

I previously mentioned that I have my eye on the Marc by Marc Jacobs Henry Skeleton leather watches, but while I pine away over those (and they are actually sold out most places anyway), I've found a comparable watch that is not nearly so pricey! Yes it's not as incredibly cool as the Skeleton watches, BUT considering they are about $170 less, I think that is just fine. The price of the Skeleton watches vary but no matter what you are looking to drop about 200 bucks, whereas this American Eagle find will only set you back $25.

I will also admit, these pictures are quite deceiving - the American Eagle watch does not look nearly as bright or neon as the Marc Jacobs one, but I promise you, I've seen it in real life and it is VERY neon!

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  1. That Marc Jacobs watch is just too cool! I love the way the name is on the watch face.


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    1. Isn't it so cool? I love it! I had my heart set on the neon yellow one but it is also sold out...