Tuesday, March 19, 2013

An Ode to What Not to Wear

It's (kind of) the end of an era. After 10 seasons of lost (fashion) souls, of the worst clothes we've seen, of the best clothes we've seen, of laughs, of tears, of transformations - TLC's What Not to Wear has announced the show is coming to an end. This summer the final episodes of the series will be aired. I absolutely love watching this show and am definitely sad to see it come to an end. 

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I have loved watching the people get transformed and gain confidence with their new styles. Some of the stories on this show are super heart warming and actually bring tears to my eyes - when people are super kind, really deserve it, and give so much, it's nice to see this show give them something back. Aside from that there is also the overall entertainment - some of these people are hilarious (in good but sometimes bad ways) and seem to be able to justify all their fashion crimes! It's ridiculous what some people try to pull off. Also hilarious: Stacy and Clinton. THESE TWO CRACK ME UP. I'm not sure if it's just me but in the past few years they have gotten funnies and funnier! They play off each other SO well and just lighten every situation. And if a situation arises that they can't lighten up - like a difficult participant - then they go have a drink! It's the best. 
What Not To Wear, Ted Gibson, Carmindy

We can't forget Ted Gibson and Carmindy! I love Ted Gibson. He is so sweet to these women and is truly an artist when it comes to his work on them. I am always amazed at the final result he produces. Sometimes I think HE is the one that gives them this new lease on their lives. He is also incredibly respectful of any reservations they might have and really walks them through the process. There is a reason he's a renowned stylist! And Carmindy - I do like Carmindy and think she's definitely great at what she does, but I've never felt she's tried to bond with the participants as much as everyone else. I do also enjoy seeing what she's wearing every episode! I like her bohemian style.

When watching the show I of course love watching the fashion. Not just the participants' transforming fashion, but also Stacy's fashion. She (of course) has great style! My favourite style moments though? Her outfits during the "rules"/360 room segements and at the end of the show during the big reveal. It's at these parts that she always tends to wear really great dresses, and I love dresses! They always inspire me for work-wear fashion (the ones that aren't on the shorter side anyway). They also always make me think that I should get some more dresses for how effortlessly chic they are! New fashion resolution perhaps? 

To conclude my ode to What Not To Wear, I've compiled a few of my favourite Stacy looks:

Stacy London, What Not To Wear, fashion, style

Stacy London, What Not To Wear, fashion, style

P.S. Has anyone been watching as long as me and not only remember Nick Arrojo (the hair stylist they had for several years) and Wayne Lukas (the first male stylist they had that Clinton replaced)? I did NOT like either of them but felt the need to bring them up as there were a part of it all! :)

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