Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Snakeskin Capped Off With Neon

You can tell the seasons are starting to change with the amount of new things I finding, wanting and sharing! My latest find are beautiful snakeskin flats from Banana Republic with a coloured cap toe. First off, I have never really been especially fond of Banana Republic shoes (maybe they're fine but I just don't look at the right times) but these caught my eye and it was longing at first sight! Just as I am picky with prints like leopard prints, I am equally as picky when it comes to snakeskin print! In clothes I find it can wash someone out (if you're on the pale side), and in general, if it's not the right print it WILL look cheap. Online the print for both looks just fine to me, and the coloured toe gives these shoes the extra "ooomph" they need to spice up the print! I just love these.

This is yet another scenario where I'm having trouble picking a favourite!

Banana Republic, shoe, neon, fashionBanana Republic, shoe, neon, fashion


  1. Love both but I think I like the yellow ones the best!!! But who say's you can't have both? lol

    Sincerely Miss Ash