Thursday, March 21, 2013

Love It or Leave It: Lucite

So it seems a new fashion trend is popping up. That fashion trend is Lucite being used in footwear. I feel like this started when Christian Louboutin used Lucite for the upper part of his shoes a few years ago. Remember the ones where the whole shoe was Lucite except for the cap of the toe? Well now, the trend has moved to another region - the heel. Yes, Lucite heels - or as I can't help but refer to them after a famous stand-up bit from Chris Rock: clear heels. So I ask, love it or leave it? I have picked here some super high-end styles to illustrate the trend in question. My opinion: leave. I mean, we can't possibly love them, can we? I have yet to see someone actually wear a pair, but I can't wrap my head around it at all. I also am not a big fan of block heels - they remind me too much of the 90's.

Diane Von Furstenburg, DVF, L.A.M.B., Stuart Weizman, Loeffler Randall, shoes, fahion
Diane Von Furstenburg | Stuart Weitzman | L.A.M.B. | Loeffler Randall

I am very interested to know if anyone is on board with this style, owns this style, or has even seen this style. And much like the platform sneaker trend (which I'm still not quite on board with), I wonder if this will stick around.

And if you don't know the Chris Rock reference to clear heels, Google it! I think that is another reason I can't wrap my head around this trend...


  1. These look like they should have a goldfish swimming around in the heel a'la 1970's disco style. No thanks.

    Breakfast After 10