Monday, September 23, 2013

2013 Emmy Awards Fashion

Last night was the Emmy Awards! Before the show I tuned into the Red Carpet special and really loved all the fashion I was seeing. It was a good year for fashion. I also watched the first bit of the show (and rather enjoyed it - I love NPH) until I had to click away for the Dexter series finale... can you believe it's over?!?!?! Anyway, back to the Emmy's - from what I saw there were so many surprises when it came down to the award winners. Neil Patrick Harris said it well when he said "No one in America is winning their Emmy office pool". When it came to the fashion how ever, the only surprises I encountered were how many of the dresses I fell in love with! Very few disasters to be seen on the red carpet - Heidi Klum being the only one I can think of at the moment. There were some repeat style winners though like Allison Williams and Carrie Underwood, who always seem to rock something I love, but also some unexpected newbies to make my list like Christine Baranski and Anna Gunn. Here are my 8 faves (yes, eight, I had to share them all!) :

Allison Williams, 2013 Emmys, red carpet, awards showCarrie Underwood, 2013 Emmys, red carpet, awards show

Sarah Hyland, 2013 Emmys, red carpet, awards showSofia Vergara, 2013 Emmys, awards show, red carpet
Emilia Clarke, 2013 Emmys, red carpet, awards showMalin Akerman, 2013 Emmys, red carpet, awards show 

 Anna Gunn, 2013 Emmys, red carpet, awards showChristine Baranski, 2013 Emmys, red carpet, awards show

There you have it, my most favourite dresses from last night! Who topped your list of fave fashion from the evening?

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