Monday, September 30, 2013

Should you or shouldn't you?

I ask, should you or shouldn't you wear white after labour day?

It is an old rule for sure, but it has been a fairly respected rule to this day. Nowadays though, winter whites are a pretty big thing so that provides a certain amount of... well, uncertainty. After labour day certain things in white feel less appropriate to me (like white jeans), but others I'm totally fine with (dresses and suits). I also feel like going on vacation somewhere might cause the white rules to be more flexible, or living down south, but even then is that just making excuses?!

There is definitely a reason I am thinking about this... I'm not sure I'm done wearing my white heels that I got this summer... but I'm also not sure I can gather the courage to wear put them on and leave the house! Recently two of my fave style icons wore white heels - in fact, both of these looks were favourites of mine from last week!

jessica albaDiane Kruger

I'm definitely admiring the heels and not thinking they're inappropriate! I think my stance is do what you want because now more than ever, there is so much freedom in fashion. I'm just not sure I'm ready for this one... yay or nay?

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  1. Winter whites are fine - fabric is important - the heavier the better for off white after Labour Day. Pure white is out except for tops: t-shirts, blouses, etc. This rule keeps white as something to look forward to in the summer. Going south cancels it out - I wear white in Florida because everything is green and it's 80 degrees!