Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Shoe Love

How amazing are these J.Crew metallic heels? At $320 they will not be making their way into my closet anytime soon so gazing dreamily at this picture will have to do. I've also seen many a blogger sporting them so I also gladly live vicariously through them!

J.Crew, shoe, fashion, metallic
Once upon a time I had metallic pointy toed heels but they got pretty rough in the toe area and because of the silver metallic finish it stood out a lot - too much - so I had to get rid of them. They were Aldo and my hopes is that something similar (or similar to these - the ankle straps are adorable!) will come out because not only are they perfect for a formal occasion but I've seen them paired with distressed denim and man, that's chic! This is the "splurge", now where is the "save"... :)


  1. Dear God I love these too! I have some Silver Heels but they aren't as fab as these. We can dream can't we :-)

  2. I hope J Crew runs a promo for you soon... in the states right now shoes are 25% off with a promo so I ordered the rose gold pair. I feel guilty (just a tad) for splurging a little but I think I will get a lot of wear out of them. I DO need a silver pair and will have to go another route for those. ;)

  3. Hope you picked up the Zara pair - promise they won't disappoint! :) Thanks for stopping by Pursuit.

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