Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Perfect Pant

Everybody and every body is different. So what works for one person, may not necessarily work for someone else but you know when something REALLY works for you? Like really really works? They say when you find the perfect white T-shirt for example, that you should buy more than one because finding a staple like that can be hard and is worth stocking up on!

Well, I seem to have found the perfect pant. Work pant to be specific. I don't shop at Gap a whole lot but last year I really tuned in to my work wardrobe and decided I was not as in love with my pants as I should be. The fit wasn't the best and I they weren't super comfortable to wear, and with work being such a big part of our day/lives, that didn't seem right. So I went on a hunt. After getting an email with a Gap discount (which if you don't know, come out ALL the time), I decided to take a look at their selection. I ordered a pair that looked good and they came and they were PERFECT! Wearing them is a pleasure! They look professional and they feel oh so incredibly comfortable. Big win. The pants in question: Gap's Modern Boot Pants.

Gap, clothes, pant, work pant

The colour I got to start was navy because I didn't have a navy pant so while experimenting I was also looking to be practical by giving myself variety. I've since disposed of my black pants and replaced them with a black pair of these Gap ones! And any day now a camel pair should be arriving. I was hoping that the colours would make them different enough - not that people at work notice things like that - and I think they really do.

So now that I have found my trio of perfect pants, I had to share this wealth of information in case anyone is in need themselves! :)

Bonus: The Perfect Skirt
Gap, skirt, clothes, pencil skirt
Last year I had to retire 2 black pencil skirts. One from Jacob and one from J.Crew. The Jacob one was super old and with age came problems with it's zipper. The J.Crew one had a problem with the vent area where it kept becoming unsewn and I wasn't super crazy about the material. A black pencil skirt is not only a CRUCIAL staple for work but I think in life! Every woman should have one. Enter Gap's Ponte Pencil Skirt. It is fitted and stretchy and comfortable. Another win.

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