Thursday, August 15, 2013

Love It or Leave It: Palm Trees

Palm trees, print, california
The inspiration
Do you ever find yourself dreaming about beaches and palm trees? I do. Would you ever translate a bit of that dream into reality by wearing said palm trees?

It's not necessarily NEW but palm trees seem to be a hot graphic on clothing. We saw floral everything come into style (jeans, blazers, skirts, dresses), and we've also seen various landscapes or other prints pop up (like animals, not animal prints, but prints of animals), so why not palm trees? I'm not against a crazy print but more often than not I tend to let other people sport them as opposed to rocking them myself. Palm trees though? This one I am drawn to. For me it's a definite love. It provides very specific imagery that really does transport me. Whether overlaid onto a "sunny" bright backdrop, or a warmer "sunset" backdrop I feel like the colours accompanying the print are usually quite stunning as well. 

I've stumbled across some beautiful examples of this print but it wasn't until I saw it make it's way to the red (blue) carpet at the People's choice awards that I decided to post about it:

Bella Thorne, People's Choice awards, palm trees, fashionLily Collins, palm trees, fashion, People's Choice Awards

Although not my favourite outfits, I love the print! It's just fun and pretty to me. Here are some more examples I've stumbled across recently:

Palm TreesPalm Trees

What do you think of wearing palm trees? Love it or leave it? 

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  1. Living in LA, I love love love palm trees. The more the better, even on clothes :)

    Hope you have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by Pursuit.

    Pursuit of Shoes