Thursday, November 1, 2012

Accessorized with Bubbles

I'm not sure if you are familiar but there is a necklace that is circulating around Pinterest, the blog-o-sphere, magazines, TV, you name it! That necklace is the J.Crew bubble necklace. It retails for a whopping $174 dollars. I've seen the odd blog here and there that talk about getting it different places like eBay - it usually comes from China in this instance and the quality is iffy (that cheap brassy metal and such...). Others have gotten a deal like Groupon, but they are based in the States (as a Canadian, that doesn't help me much). 

After deciding I would one day just buy the necklace for full price, a website presented itself to me and my wallet rejoiced! Enter: Hello Fab. I heard about them through another blog - they make J.Crew style jewelry (not just the bubble necklace), sell the pieces at a reasonable price AND ship to Canada! Right away I ordered my coveted black necklace, and decided throw in a yellow one for good measure. The necklaces were $22/each (helllooooo savings!) and the shipping was a flat $12.95. The email said I should get my package in 14 days and I almost exactly did. No duties on it either! I loved their selection of colours and styles. I will definitely be shopping there again and soon!

All in all it was a great experience, I have the necklace I've been eying for a while, and saved a whack load of cash! I'm also one step/necklace closer to my resolution to accessorize myself. Doesn't get better than that! 

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