Thursday, November 29, 2012

Phone Etiquette Game

The other weekend we had a surprise party for a friend, and the way we delayed her arrival was by another friend saying she left her phone at home and had to go back to get it. Left her phone at home. Of course upon hearing that one would understand the urgency of having to return to retrieve it! But if you really think about it, isn't that a little crazy? Leaving your phone at home is A) a problem in the first place and B) worthy of stopping everything to go get it. Our world has changed, big time! Everyone has got a cell phone that they have with them always.

While reading the December Marie Claire, I came upon a whole section that had to do with phone etiquette which I thought was very interesting and important. With this changing world, some traditional manners seem to have gone out the window - maybe it's time to bring them back. Traditionally, when hosting friends, if you home phone would ring most people might ignore it (unless of course a guest was MIA). Well would you answer your cell phone at this same party? Would you answer a text? This is no different. The world will survive for the amount of time it takes to have a dinner party. Same for going out. Your home phone is not there so you would have to check your messages when you return. A cell phone should be the same. There's always that ONE person though who can't seem to let go. The first person to pick up their phone.  Enter: Cell Phone Roulette. The games rules are as follows:
  1. Hand over your phone: when you sit down all phones are stacked face-down in the middle of the table. 
  2. Ignore the noise: if you hear a buzz, ring, or ping, ignore it. Stay strong. Who exactly do you think you are that you have to answer? Don't flatter yourself. Be strong. Also, turning off noises might help. Word to the wise, vibrate is not equal to silent. In fact, it can be the most annoying of all notifications. Ever hear a phone vibrate on a table? Awful.
  3. You cave, you lose: first person to reach for their phone loses. If you're at home, you do the dishes or some other agreed upon punishment. If you're out, you got the bill.
  4. Or Share the victory: split the check or the chores, and when you do check your phone after all is said and done, notice that the world is still turning. 
I say give it a go this holiday season! 

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