Wednesday, November 21, 2012

To Shop or Not To Shop...?

That is the question of the week. There's nothing I need per-say, but I can always find SOMETHING. But this week is a special week, being the week that ends with Black Friday. Normally an American tradition, I am pleased that over the last couple of years the super sales and super savings that come along with Black Friday have made their way to Canada! Some retailers have already started with the savings by having "Black Friday Week" sales, but overall, the big deals will happen at the end of the week. So if ever you were to restrain yourself from going to the mall or browsing online, now is the time. Unless of course you're scoping out the scene of what you want to buy in the hopes it will be heavily discounted. I've already started taking note of which retailers on this side of the border are participating...

Will you be partaking in Black Friday sales? I will certainly be popping online! Can't hurt, right?!

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