Thursday, November 8, 2012

Must See TV: Damages

Damages, Rose Byrne, Glenn Close, TV
Damages was a show that I had read about briefly but didn't know much about. I knew who was in it - Glenn Close and Rose Byrne. I knew that it was supposed to be smart. I'd also heard it was a good show to watch if you liked to see business appropriate fashion. The hook for me though, was definitely the cast. Glenn Close makes pretty good choices if I do say so myself, and I've grown to love Rose Byrne since I first saw her in one of my favourite movies, Wicker Park.

Enter, once again, my Apple TV and Netflix. I swear they will be the end of me, or at least my social life. Damages is of course on there. And if I like it? There are five seasons ready and waiting for me to enjoy. And boy, do I not only like it, I love it! The acting in it is phenomenal. The only thing better is the writing. Each season starts with a teaser or something that is happening in the "present". Then the meat of the episodes are "6 months ago" and sooner as the episodes progress until you catch up to the "present". There are so many twists and turns. It is such a strong and intelligent show. As each season ends, you are also left with the curiosity of how there can possibly be a next season, but then there it is. As far as the type of show - they are lawyers and the story line follows an intricate case as well as their personal lives.

I'm only on season 3 but I am hooked. My roommate is caught up in it too. But we have to hurry, according to this promo poster I found the next season starts in January! 

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