Friday, August 10, 2012

3 Movies, 3 Reviews

I've been out to see a few movies in the theatre recently and I wanted to write up some reviews on them. Just my personal opinion of course... 

Magic Mike - Ok, my recommendation is DON'T GO SEE IT. If I'm too late, I'm sorry. There is nothing worth seeing in this movie other than Channing Tatum. Even then it's still iffy if he's worth it. There are handsome men in this movie - yes. There are handsome men dancing in this movie - no; they are more or less just bouncing around awkwardly. Story had potential but was super weak. Just as it was getting somewhere, the movie ended. No no no. 

The Dark Night Rises (Batman, of course) - This new Batman series rocks my world. I loved this movie. If you like the series or even just the last one, you'll like this one for sure. Great acting all around - in fact, the entire cast of Inception minus Leo is in this movie. For real. Strong story. Great villain. Beautiful ending. To me the only negative is that this marks the end of the trilogy, so no more to come.

Savages - Yes yes yes. Great flick! Great actors! Love story, drug story, action story. It was a very strong and unique story. Almost had that Indie movie vibe to it, but with a Hollywood budget. I liked Blake Lively before seeing this movie, but I didn't think she was a strong actress until I saw this movie. She wow'ed me. Everyone did really. Bravo Oliver Stone, Bravo.

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