Thursday, January 16, 2014

2014 Oscar Challenge

Bright and early this morning the Oscar nominations were announced, and at that I am pleased to announce I will be embarking on my 2nd annual Oscar challenge! Same as last year, what I will be trying to do is to watch all the movies nominated for Best Picture before the awards show and throw in my two cents on who I think should win. I had a lot of fun doing it although I didn't QUITE see them all.

This year I am already in good shape having seen 3 of the 9 - and the show isn't until March 2nd so I've got plenty of time! The nominees for Best Picture are:

2014 Oscars, Oscars, Academy Awards, Best Picture, Movies

So far with the ones I've seen I would be more than happy with Captain Phillips or Her winning. Both EXCELLENT movies. I feel like I'm going to stand alone when I say I don't think American Hustle should win. It won the Golden Globe and I just don't think it was deserving, especially in the company the other films. Anyway, more on specific reviews later...

Have you seen any or most? Any strong opinions or hunches so far?

2014 Oscars, Oscars, Academy Awards, Best Picture, Movies

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