Thursday, January 23, 2014

Questions Every Twentysomething Asks Themselves

Happy, life, girlI came across an article yesterday on Marie Claire's website titled 23 Questions Every Twentysomething Asks Herself Once. As a twentysomething girl (sadly for not much longer!) I was laughing and relating to a few of the things on this list. Here are my faves (the questions and Marie Claire's answers):

Should I get rid of my cable to be more productive? You could, but you will just end up binge watching Scandal on Netflix or at a friend's house. Don't fight it.

Can I cut out carbs for good, forever? Go ahead. Try it. “Would you like some bread for the table, ma'am?” Yeah, I thought so.

Am I lactose intolerant? Nope, you probably just ate a full-sized log of goat cheese and expected to feel awesome afterwards.

Is my best female friend going to be more successful/happier/better off than me? Mine once told me: "Someday soon I’m going to be pushing a stroller around Brooklyn, and I really want you to be doing that at the same time, but it won't happen if you keep being so picky!" I did not take it well.

Is Cup o’ Soup a food group? No. Okay, and am I going to get scurvy if I subsist entirely on Cup o’ Soup? Probably.

Am I too old for this party? Is the floor sticky? You just answered your own question.

Should I get bangs? Just kidding, we never stop asking ourselves this question. Ancient womankind asked it on cave walls with crude finger-paintings of bang styles.

Should I date a guy who is still in college? I think there's a way to apply my sticky-floor theory from 2 questions ago to boys.

Am I ready for a dog? If you are, for the love of God, get a rescue. 
Does this crop-top make me look like I'm trying to be Rihanna? Haha, kind of. Should I return it? No, keep it!
Am I going to change my mind about Team Angel or Team Spike now that I am watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer as a grown-ass woman? Do not even; I have feelings on top of feelings on top of more feelings about this, like a dangerously-sloping layer cake of feelings. 
Should I be online dating? If you can own it without shame, absolutely. Those people who do it and then say they met their boyfriend through "mutual friends" need to get off my lawn.

Happy Thursday!

Note: that picture has nothing to do with anything - it just made me smile.

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