Monday, January 27, 2014

2014 Grammy Fashion

Last night was the Grammy Awards! Last night was also The Bachelor Wedding of Sean and Catherine... and I must admit I am a Bachelor fan so that's what I was watching last night! When the wedding was over I did tune into the Grammy's for a short while and actually only saw some of the oldest musicians around performing. Seemed, strange. I'm glad to hear that Beyonce and Jay-Z opened the show though - there was some modern musicians on stage!

I also of course checked out the red carpet. There were not as many "wild" outfits as one might expect - it was almost boring on the red carpet. But 3 stunners really stood out! 2 gorgeous gold gowns and a stunning red:

I am normally not a fan of that type of neckline/cut of the dress Chrissy Teigen is wearing, but she is pulling it off! Maybe a dress only she can pull off, I am in love with it. Miranda Lambert - first of all looks the best I've ever seen her - is wearing the most gorgeous gown that just accentuates everything she's got! Finally, Taylor Swift is wearing a dress that to me is super eye-catching, and a beautiful silhouette. 

Who was your fave last night?

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