Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Love It or Leave It: The Dressy Track Pant

This is a trend that started a few years ago and never really went away. It has however evolved over the last few years and is now starting to become a real "thing". This trend of course is the dressy track pant, or the slouchy trouser, or whatever that particular brand likes to refer to it as. At least the first evolution - the harem pant - seems to not be getting as much traction anymore. But even with a more modern clean-looking silhouette, the question remains, is this trend silly or stylish?

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Theory | DKNY | Joie | Parker
I have my answer: I'm voting for stylish. It surprises me because I was not even remotely a supporter of the harem pant, and at first I wasn't sure about these even though they are WAY more tailored looking, but I'm on board. That being said, I have yet to find a pair for myself, or even tried on a pair to see how they look on me. But I like the way they look - even the ones with the elasticized ankle! I also have yet to see them on a variety of body shapes, and I have a feeling that they are not meant to be worn by everyone (but can't the same be said for most trends/articles of clothing?). The billowing front and thigh area could be a force to be reckoned with... 

For now, I will enjoy and admire this trend from afar but enjoy it nonetheless. How do you feel about this style?


  1. I love it. I have a few and they are such a comfy way to look chic.

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    1. They LOOK super comfy! Which also might be why I don't mind them... comfort is king!

  2. I just can't do it... they look chic on other ladies, but they remind me of everyone rockin' Hammer pants in the 90's. ;)

    1. I hear that - it took me awhile but these particular styles I like a lot! But not ready to try myself... yet.

  3. These pants are AMAZING!!

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  4. I'm definitely a fan! I haven't found the right pair for myself yet, but am on the hunt! They look super comfy. :)

  5. This is one of those situations where it depends on the person. I like it on certain people and HATE it on others. I personally don't know if I could pull it off but more power to the people that can.

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  6. I am definitely a fan! I own a pair from BCBG! Can't get enough of them. :)