Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Resolution: Recap

Earlier this month I made a resolution to try to have/maintain freshly polished, manicured nails for the entire month of February. Well the time has come to reveal the results...

I (almost) did it! I will be honest, the last few days I have had just a clear coat on my nails but for the other 25 days of this month I have had a constant manicure and in this entire month, never had a single chiped nail! It was definitely work but certainly not as much as I expected. I really did love having coloured nails and playing with colour. Aside from the current clear polish, I had only 4 manicures. I thought for sure there would be more - maybe I was just being more careful knowing I had made this commitment! Or maybe because it was a short month. 

I think having done it I will definitely keep up the polishing and will DEFINITELY NOT sport chipped nails again. That was my favourite part. Funny how I have always had those standards with my pedicures (the second I see chipped polish on my toes, it is immediately removed, I hate it!) but not with my hands. Well, now I do! And even though the last few days I've had an "invisible" manicure, I quite liked this resolution and will call it a success!

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  1. I'm trying to keep my nails mani'd too - i don't bite them off with anxiety that way!
    Great Blog!! <3

    Sarah from