Friday, November 8, 2013

Looks of the Week

Alright Jessica Biel, enough already! Mrs. Timberlake has my two favourite looks of this week. Yes, I love the dresses she's wearing but it's more than that. Head (hair) to toe (shoes) she looks absolutely stunning and was styled to perfection!!!

Jessica Biel, fashion, styleJessica Biel, fashion, style

Then as a bonus feature we've got a couple of LBD cutouts that caught my eye. Victoria Beckham in her own design looks absolutely stunning... just a simple yet interesting yet sexy dress. I love when her hair is long and sleek too. Then we've got Selena Gomez in admittedly a dress that probably only she can wear. Less subtle with the cutouts but I still think she looked great. Definitely more on the sexy and scandalous side, the modest hemline and shoes definitely made this outfit a beauty to me. 

Victoria Beckham, style, fashionSelena Gomez, fashion, style
 Who take the cake for you?

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