Thursday, November 21, 2013

Looks of the Week

This week it was super easy to pick my favourite looks! Mainly because I allowed myself to pick 6 instead of the more common 2 or so. 

Starting things off are Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria, both in classic, elegant Victoria Beckham pieces. Her designs are perfection in my eyes.

Victoria Beckham, fashion, styleEva Longoria, Victoria Beckham, fashion, style
 Next up, Miranda Kerr and Niki Reed in two super fun, super cute and super stylish dresses. Love them. Please also note, white pumps with both... I have not attempted to wear mine since Labor Day but pics like these don't make it easy!

Miranda Kerr, fashion, styleNiki Reed, fashion style,

 Last but not least, Allison Williams and (surprise, surprise) Victoria Beckham again with two classic looks that I love for different reasons. That dress firstly... come on! Stunning. Christmas party inspiration perhaps? And Victoria's ensemble I like because it looks like something any one of us could and would wear on a night out. 

Allison Williams, fashion, styleVictoria Beckham, fashion, style

Who had your fave look so far?


  1. I love all of the looks that you picked girl! I think my favorite would have to be Miranda's! Her style is perfection. :)

  2. Victoria Beckham and Miranda Kerr are my some of my favorite dressers. Victoria Beckham is always dressed so chic.


  3. Love Victoria´s and Miranda´s style ... They´re so amazing!